Cloth Nappies don't have to be confusing.

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We stock a beautiful range of cloth nappies that we know and trust.

Get simple easy to follow advice.  Either follow the information below, completed a questionnaire or book a consultation.

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We also run the Norfolk Nappuccino Nappy Library where you can hire a kit to try out the brands first.

Cloth Nappy Shopping Made Easy 

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Baby Learning to Walk

Cloth shouldn't be Confusing

Making the decision to use Cloth Nappies is fantastic for the environment and has some pretty great benefits for you and your baby too. 


However the more research you do the more confusing and impossible it can all seem.  

Many parents find it so overwhelming that they give up on cloth nappies at least until they are in more of a routine with the new baby.

With The Norfolk Nappy Company you don't have to be confused anymore.  We give you simple advice to help you get started and are here to guide you along the way too.

You'll save time, money and be confident in the nappies you have chosen.

What steps do I need to take?

1. Choose a Type of Nappy

Choosing a type of nappy first ensures you get the right style of nappy to suit your lifestyle and your baby.  

2. Choose a Brand

This is where you choose the nappies you like best - from extra features to patterns and fit

3. Choose your Accessories

Ensure you have everything you need to get started with all the extras from wipes to wetbags and bits for mum too.


We Get It

We understand how it feels to be confused about cloth nappies when you want to do the best you can to be environmentally friendly.  It can be easy to give up and not use cloth nappies especially with all the extra work that comes with a new baby.   When you use The Norfolk Nappy Company you can feel happy and confident using cloth nappies and know you are helping protect your babies world.

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