The waterproof layer that goes over flats and fitted nappies.

The outer layer of a nappy system is called the wrap and some can be used over flats as well as their own soaker.

Little Lamb Wrap

A PUL cover to go over either fitted nappies (above), terries, prefolds or muslins.

They have a double leg gusset to help with leaks and velcro to fasten.  These are sized so there are no snaps to adjust the length.

Buttons Wrap

A PUL cover to go over either fitted nappies, terries, prefolds or muslins.  These wraps also have soakers made for them in hemp or bamboo.

They have a double leg gusset to help with leaks and snaps to fasten.  These are one size so have snaps to change the size as well.  These tend to come up quite small so you may need the super size rather than one size if your baby is tall or nearing the top end of the weight range.

Kijani Baby Wrap

A high quality PUL cover to go over anything and also available with it's own soaker to use as an all in two. 

One size therefore are snaps to adjust the size.  Snaps to fasten the waist as well.

Petite Lulu Pull up wrap

Either PUL or Wool both offer an easy to use option.  Amazingly helpful when your little one decides they do not want to stay still for nappy changes and for overnight.

Wool wraps do not require washing inbetween each use.  

Anavy Wool Wraps

Wool wraps are very reliable and breathable.  They make excellent overnight wraps.

Wool has self cleaning properties therefore you do not need to wash this more than once a month unless soiled.

These do require lanolising which is a simple process of soaking in a solution for a while.  Remember to add your lanolin to your basket.

La Petite Ourse

A PUL wrap with a 2 year guarantee.  

A simple wrap with poppers to fasten.  Can be used with prefolds, muslins, terries or the trifolds designed for them.

Bells Bumz Wrap

A PUL Wrap with a double leg gusset and rise snaps to adjust the size.  This wrap fits from about 10 to 35 lb.

With internal snaps so you can secure soakers to the wrap and create an all in two system.  This wrap also fits over flats, absorbent nappies and prefolds.