Two Parter/ Fitted

This covers pretty much everything else.  They are made up of a waterproof wrap and then an absorbent layer of some sort.  

Fitted - nappy shaped

Terry - like a towel you fold up into a nappy shape

Prefold - you fold it into a rectangle

Muslins - you fold either to a rectangle or nappy shape.

Little Lamb Fitted Nappy

An absorbent nappy that takes the place of the terry towel for high absorbency but bulky nappies.  Perfect for overnight.  You need to team this with a wrap (as below)

Little Lamb Wrap

A PUL cover to go over either fitted nappies (above), terries, prefolds or muslins.

Kijani Baby Wrap

A high quality PUL cover to go over anything and also available with it's own soaker to use as an all in two.