Requiring a wrap to contain moisture these nappies are made purely of absorbent materials such as hemp or bamboo.  They are bulkier than other modern cloth nappies but are more likely to give you a full dry night without the need to change nappies.  Can also be used during the day.


Little Lamb Fitted Nappy

An absorbent nappy that takes the place of the terry towel for high absorbency but bulky nappies.  Perfect for overnight.  You need to team this with a wrap (as below).  Made from cotton (harder wearing) or Bamboo (softer).  Sized nappy.

Size one fits from around 7 to 20lb, size two from 20lb to 35lb.


Bells Bumz Hemp Nappy

Made completely of hemp this is a very abosrobent nappy that comes with boosters but has plenty of space to add more if needed.  Requires a wrap but fantastic for overnight.  This is a one size nappy and fits from 10 to 35lb.


Petit Lulu Maxi Nights Nappy

Designed for overnight and heavy wetters these nappies are excellent for absorbtion.  Made from layers of bamboo and cotton with extra boosters included as well as a fleece liner to ensure your little one stays feeling dry.  Fit from around 10-35lb.


Anavy One Size Absorbent Nappy

An absorbent nappy that needs a wrap over the top.  These are particularly good for overnight.

Super absorbent with two additional inserts that can be placed where needed and folded for extra absorption.