Fitted Nappies

Either an absorbent nappy that requires a wrap or a pocket nappy.  Both are sized rather than birth to potty so they don't have the rise snaps to adjust.

Little Lamb Fitted Nappy

An absorbent nappy that takes the place of the terry towel for high absorbency but bulky nappies.  Perfect for overnight.  You need to team this with a wrap (as below)

Little Lamb Fitted Pocket

A pocket nappy that doesn't have the rise snaps.  This nappy is sized so most babies will use two sizes from birth to potty training.  

Simple to put on, double leg gusset for leak prevention and gorgeous stretchy soft materials.

Anavy One Size Absorbent Nappy

An absorbent nappy that needs a wrap over the top.  These are particularly good for overnight.

Super absorbent with two additional inserts that can be placed where needed and folded for extra absorption.


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