Terries, Flats, Muslins

Traditional method of folding material into the shape you want.

Terry - like a towel you fold up into a nappy shape

Prefold - you fold it into a rectangle

Muslins - you fold either to a rectangle or nappy shape.

Buttons Flats and prefolds

100% unbleached organic cotton squares to fold for a cloth nappy to be used with a wrap.

Prefolds are bamboo material that can be folded into a pad shape and placed inside a wrap.

A Snappi is also required for flats (see accessories) and a buttons cover can be used or any of the other wraps listed.

Brightbots Terries

Cotton terry squares in bright colours for you to fold as desired.

Muslin Z

Cotton and bamboo muslins you can fold into either nappy shapes or rectangle pads.


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