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Cloth Nappies Shouldn't be Confusing

We know you want to help the planet (and maybe save some pennies too) by using cloth nappies and cutting down your single use plastic.  It's an amazing thing to do.  But the more you look into cloth nappies the more confusing it gets.  All the terminology; boosters, inserts, soakers, liners..... AAAHHHH!

As a mum of two I've been there.  Hours of research, worrying I might be buying nappies that don't work or that the washing was going to drive me insane.

It doesn't have to be that way.  I set up the Norfolk Nappy Company so you could get the guidance you need to make a great choice for your family and feel confident in using cloth nappies.  

You will only find nappies that are trusted and tested here and a whole range of different ways you can get advice from face to face (or online) to full support packages to a simple questionnaire.  

What steps do I need to take?

1. Choose a Type of Nappy

Choosing a type of nappy first ensures you get the right style of nappy to suit your lifestyle and your baby.  

2. Choose a Brand

This is where you choose the nappies you like best - from extra features to patterns and fit

3. Choose your Accessories

Ensure you have everything you need to get started with all the extras from wipes to wetbags and bits for mum too.

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