Which are the best Cloth Nappies UK 2021?

Updated: Feb 10

Looking for the Best Cloth Nappies UK 2021 to use can be really confusing; there are so many different brands to choose from! Then there is the terminology – it’s almost like you need to learn a new language. Do you know your all in two from your popper and pocket? Your booster from your insert or liner?

Really all you want to know is which nappy is best?

The answer to the best cloth Nappies UK unfortunately, depends on a few different points. There are probably a whole host of nappies that will fit your baby just fine and do the job you want – it's working out which ones they are that can be the problem.

Best Cloth Nappies UK 2021 :

There are a few things you can look for when choosing Best Cloth Nappies UK 2021 depending on the features you want;

Cloth Nappies Material:

Cheaper cloth nappies that are likely to need lots of extra inserts later are typically made with only or mainly microfibre inserts. The more absorbent materials are cotton, bamboo, and hemp (in order with hemp being most absorbent). A nappy packed full of hemp you might think is great however it will be slow to dry and is the most expensive material so you may pay a premium too. Mid-range reusable nappies tend to have a higher amount of cotton and bamboo which dry quicker and have a mid-range price.

2. Second Gussets:

Whether internal or external a second gusset can make a world of difference in preventing leaks around the leg. Most mid-range and premium nappies will have this feature.

3. Poppers or Velcro fastening Of Cloth Nappies:

If grandparents are looking after your little one regularly and will be using the cloth nappies you may need to consider what they will find easiest to do up and undo. Velcro is definitely simpler however it can need a little TLC every now and then and can be undone by a toddler. Poppers on the other hand can be very difficult to fasten and seem more confusing as there are often lots of options for where to do them up.

4. Drying time Of Cloth Nappies Uk:

If you don’t want to buy loads of cloth nappies you need to consider how long they take to dry. Do the inserts come apart or unfold? If it’s an all in one can you turn it inside out somehow?

5. Size Of the Best Cloth Nappies UK 2021:

If you and your partner are tall there is a good chance your little one will be too. OF course, it’s not a hard and fast rule. If you think your little one is going to be tall or they are born on one of the upper percentiles you want to consider the top end weight range of the nappy. There is a big difference in the weight nappies go up to in the birth to potty size so it is definitely something to consider. Another thing to look out for is how many rise positions the nappy has. The rise is how you fasten the nappy to change its size and is usually changed by poppers up and down the front of the cloth nappy. Some have as few as two positions and some have four or five. More rise position will allow you to fit the nappy better as your little one grows.

6. Guarantee:

Does the nappy come with any guarantees either from the retailer or the manufacturer? This will ensure in the event there are any faults you will be covered.

7. The type of nappy:

You are most comfortable with – Whether it’s an all in one, all in two, pocket, fitted, or a hybrid narrowing your search by type first is a great way to start.

At The Norfolk Nappy Company we only stock nappies we trust and have fully tested. If you need help choosing which is the Best Cloth Nappies UK 2021 and what would work for you we can help. We take lots of details from you to help you narrow the choices down to two or three nappies then you can decide based on your budget or the prints.

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