Why Should You Use Cloth Nappies?

It seems we are all a bit more environmentally conscious these days and recycling has become second nature but reducing our use of goods and becoming much less of a throw away society is the next step. When I first started with cloth nappies it was to reduce my use of plastic but there are so many more reasons to use cloth nappies and the one that does it for you might be something completely different. These are some of the main benefits;

Going Green

On average babies will use 5000 nappies by the time they are potty trained (that’s enough to fill 78 bin bags) a massive amount to send to landfill compared to the 25-30 cloth nappies you would need. Switching to cloth nappies is a really effective way to reduce your use of plastic and the rubbish you produce. The energy and water used to produce and transport disposable nappies to you far outweighs any amount of washing you could ever do. Being able to reuse cloth nappies on future children or sell them on when you are finished with them only adds to the environmental benefits.

Gentle on tiny bottoms

The natural fibers of cloth nappies and ultra soft materials make them much more gentle than the paper, plastic and chemicals of disposable nappies – I know I would prefer to wear material than paper or plastic.


There are so many factors to consider with this one however if you start from birth and compare like for like on the low cost or premium brands of each then cloth nappies are usually significantly lower in cost (saving over £1000 on the premium brands). Add in the ability to recap some of that cost on the second hand market assuming you have looked after your nappies or reuse them on future children and it is really attractive.


Cloth nappies are beautiful and come in so many prints! They can be a bit addictive (don’t tell my husband you only need 25). But they also come in lots of different types. Gone are the days of terry folding and pins – unless you prefer that – and now you have a whole world of choices and different designs to choose from.

Help available

If you aren't sure where to turn next or how to get started there is a whole world of help available to get you set up. At The Norfolk Nappy Company I have available;

- Videos to help you understand cloth nappies and the different brands

- A questionnaire for a personalised recommendation

- Consultations either in a group or individual

- Hire Kits so you can try before you buy

There are lots of cloth nappy libraries around the country too offering support and hire kits across a wide range of brands.

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