These all in one nappies are super absorbent with Hemp and Bamboo at their core.  As an all in one the whole nappy is in one piece making nappy changes easy and fuss free.
The entire ‘wet zone’ of this nappy is made up from two layers of hemp.  Attached to this is the ‘Z soaker’ which is sew into the nappy.  This soaker provides a double gusset to help avoid leg leaks but also makes the absorbency adjustable.  It can either be laid flat and secured with a snap (helpful for a girl) or folded under itself in half and secured with a snap (helpful for a boy).
There is additional space to secure further boosters should you need them.  The Z soaker is 3 layers of hemp and one bamboo.
Both the inside of the nappy and the additional attached soaker are topped with a  fleece to wick away moisture quickly and leave your baby feeling dry. 
They have a slightly elasticated waist as well as back and legs.
These nappies fit from approximately 10lb to potty training.

Bells Bumz All In One


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