Size: 10-35 lbs

Washable diaper: 100% polyester

Bamboo insert: 70% bamboo, 30% polyester

Insert absorption (each*): 5oz 

*Each diaper comes with two bamboo inserts



  • Our pocket diapers have 2 openings to facilitate the housing of the insert and for washing.
  • The double gusset gives you superior protection against leaks.
  • The inside is made of suedecloth (100% polyester) for an incomparably dry effect.
  • The 4 rows of snaps located at the front allow a perfect fit.
  • Each diaper comes with two bamboo inserts.


This item is CPSIA certified.

La Petite Ourse Pocket Nappy

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  • Rinse with cold water

    Helps get rid of any residue.

    Regular wash cycle

    Warm water cycle (40º) Do not put too much water in the washer. The diapers must rub against each other.

    If you have hard water, do not rinse a second time; use a powder detergent instead.


    1. Does not contain fabric softener.

    2. Do not use baby detergent, as it is not concentrated enough to properly wash the diapers.


    The inserts can go to the dryer. You can also machine dry the diapers if you take care not to manipulate them when they are hot and not to overdry them. This step tightens the threads and “reseals” the Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) that covers the outer fabric (the waterproof membrane).

    We strongly advise you to sun dry your inserts and diapers since it’s an excellent whitener and a great antibacterial agent. Note, however, that sun drying your diapers often might dry the elastics and could wear them out prematurely.


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