LittleLamb Sized Pocket nappies are perfectly fitting nappies made from a stretchy outer PUL shell with our super-absorbent bamboo pocket insert. This is a square of woven bamboo that is folded into three for maximum absorbency. The insert is three times as heavy as our standard bamboo booster and can absorb three times the quantity of fluid. 

The outer is double gusseted for ultimate leak prevention and has gentle elastic to avoid compression marks on baby's delicate skin. The wee is drawn through the microfibre lining into the bamboo insert - keeping baby feeling dry. 


With sets of nappies please specify which prints you prefer and we will do our best to meet them.  Where we are unable to provide you with your first choice we will do our best to pick you the most suitable.

Little Lamb Sized Pocket Nappy

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  • Care for your nappies by following these easy steps.

    • Hold the nappy or washable liner over the toilet and ease off the solids. If using a disposable liner, bin it, don't flush it.
    • Close any velcro tabs.
    • Put them in a dry pail with lid. Wait until you have a full load.
    • Wash them with a gentle washing powder on a full cycle using the recommended amount of washing powder for load size and water hardness. Note - DO NOT ADD BLEACHING AGENTS OR FABRIC SOFTENERS.
    • Hang out to dry in direct sunshine or near (but not touching ) a direct heat, or tumble dry on a low heat. 
  • Size 1 fit from 9lbs to 20lbs

    Size 2 fit from 18lbs to 38lbs

    Size 3 fit from 30lbs upwards.  


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