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The challenge is to use cloth nappies for one day a week instead of disposables.  

Every baby will use around 5000 disposable nappies from birth to potty training.  By swapping just one day a week you could save on average 750 nappies from landfill.  The challenge is to let families see how easy cloth nappies can be.

To join in just follow our easy steps below and don't forget to come join the fun on Instagram or Facebook too.

(all the kits below are heavily discounted for this challenge and not reflective of normal prices.  Only one kit per household - if multiple children please email first).


Either select a brand set or opt for our mixed set of cloth nappies if you would like to try a few out.


Our easy to follow videos and guides on how to fit cloth nappies


Use the cloth nappies for one day a week for four weeks


We would love to know how you get on.  You can follow and share on instagram with #swaponesaveone and #norfolknappycompany or pop us a message.


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