At The Norfolk Nappy Company, we know you want to do the best by your child and help the environment.  To do that you need to put your baby in nappies but also reduce your plastic waste.

​The problem is disposable nappies add a mountain of plastic to landfill which take 500 years to decompose and even biodegradeable nappies don’t degrade in landfill.  This can leave you feeling bad and guilty every time you put a nappy in the bin.

​We believe nappies shouldn’t add to the plastic waste problem and choosing cloth nappies should be easy.

We understand you want to feel great about the products you use especially for your family which is why we stock cloth nappies we know and trust.  We can help you choose nappies you will love that make you feel good too.

​Here's how we do it;

1. Decide on a type of nappy

2. Pick a Brand

3. Wait for your fluffy mail to arrive!

Need a little advice?  We can help you either through an advice questionnaire or book a consultation for 1:1 help .  You will also find helpful guides and videos so you can feel confident using your new nappies.

​So, follow our easy process so you can stop feeling bad and guilty and instead feel confident and happy you have made the right choices for your family and the environment.

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