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How Does Laybuy Work?

The Norfolk Nappy Company offers Laybuy as an option for making purchases and spreading the cost.  We know that having a baby can be expensive and sometimes you need the nappies before you have been paid.   We do not accept any responsibility for your financial circumstances, availability of credit or late payment charges.  Products purchased using Laybuy will be refunded through the Laybuy scheme if returned.  We have included a brief overview of how the scheme works below but strongly recommend you read all the terms and conditions provided by Laybuy before proceeding.

Laybuy offers online shoppers a simple interest free payment plan that lets you secure your purchase today and pay for it in 6 equal payments, once a week for 6 weeks.

Laybuy performs a credit check to obtain a credit score on all new users upon registration. Once your credit score has been confirmed and your account has been verified, Laybuy assigns your Laybuy limit and you can begin shopping immediately.

The first payment equal to one sixth of the purchase price occurs once your order is completed. The remaining 5 payments are processed each week on the day of the original purchase from your nominated card. No further action is required and all account information including a payment schedule can be viewed, at any time, through your Laybuy account.

Once you select Pay by Laybuy at checkout and complete your purchase, the merchant/retailer ships any products directly to you at the delivery address you have requested. 

How much does Laybuy cost and is there a fee?

Laybuy doesn't charge you any interest or upfront fees.

If you miss a payment you will be notified immediately. A late payment fee (£6 GBP / $8 USD / $10 NZD or AUD) may be charged in respect of each payment you fail to make on time. Any payment default may also result in our debt collection service contacting you and/or your credit score being affected.

How do I get in touch with the team at Laybuy?

You can simply click Submit a Request  and the team will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Just make sure you include as much information as possible so that we can get your query resolved asap. If you are getting an error message, be sure to include a screenshot so that we can see what is going on.

The Norfolk Nappy Company cannot contact Laybuy on your behalf.  Your credit agreement is between yourself and Laybuy directly.

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