Nappies that are all in one piece.

You change the whole nappy every nappy change as the waterproof layer and absorbent layer are attached.

Pros - super easy to use, most like a disposable, very little time to put them together to use.

Cons - can take longer to dry, tend to be more expensive than some other options

Great For:

Childcare, Grandparents, those wanting nappies most like a disposable.


These Nappies are in two parts.  The waterproof layer and the absorbent layer come apart.  Normally you can use the outer wrap for a few changes and just change the absorbent layer.

Pros - more cost effective, easy to add extra nappies to your set without costing much, faster drying time

Cons -  slightly more complicated to use

Great For:

Parents, Slight cost saving,

Likely to be a bit more complicated for childcare but great for use at home


The absorbent layer and waterproof layer are separate.  You place the absorbent part in a pocket inside the waterproof wrap.  You change the whole nappy each time.

Pros - easy to add extra absorbency if you need to, easy for childcare to use if organised in advance

Cons - 'stuffing' the nappies after washing takes a while

Great For:

customisable inserts and layers, childcare if putting nappies together in advance, some great low cost options


This covers pretty much everything else.  They are made up of a waterproof wrap and then an absorbent layer of some sort.  

Fitted - nappy shaped

Terry - like a towel you fold up into a nappy shape

Prefold - you fold it into a rectangle

Muslins - you fold either to a rectangle or nappy shape.

Pros- super absorbent, low cost, 

Cons - bulky, more difficult to put on

Great For:


Low cost option, newborns