The absorbent layer and waterproof layer are separate.  You place the absorbent part in a pocket inside the waterproof wrap.  You change the whole nappy each time.


Made by a Chinese company these are a well known budget friendly brand that sell worldwide.  Their aim is to make cloth nappies affordable for everyone.  A large range of prints and colours are available for this type of nappy.

Fluffy Ducks 

This nappy can be used as an All in two where the inserts popper onto the inside of the nappy or as a pocket nappy as there is space to put the inserts inside instead.  

Beautiful prints and really high quality materials and poppers used.  The soakers are bamboo and really thirsty.

One of the most slim fitting nappies on the market and it will happily fit a tiny baby too.

With two soakers a large and small included you can choose the level of absorption and slimness.

Little Lovebum Popper and Pocket

This option is great if you are torn between a pocket or an all in two.  You can either place the insert in the pocket or snap it in place like an all in two.  You change the whole nappy each time and the wrap (outside layer) and soaker (absorbent part) are sold seperately.

Choose from either a hemp trifold or a hemp soaker for amazing absorption and slim fit.

Simple to use, beautiful designs and fits 10-35lb.

Pepi Collection

These are pocket nappies that come with two bamboo and cotton inserts.

Fantastic for tall and chunky babies as well as fitting those smaller babies.  They are likely to last the taller baby to potty training if you need a bit extra space.  

 Beautiful prints and colours available.  Poppers to fasten and to adjust the rise for size.  These are birth to potty nappies and you change the whole nappy each time.

La Petite Ourse

These are pocket nappies that come with two bamboo inserts, have a double leg gusset for leak prevention and a stay dry layer to keep skin dry.

Great absorption, gorgeous designs and poppers to fasten.

This is a one size nappy so it also has poppers to adjust the size fitting from 10-35lb.

Little Lamb Fitted Pocket

A pocket nappy that doesn't have the rise snaps.  This nappy is sized so most babies will use two sizes from birth to potty training.  

Simple to put on, double leg gusset for leak prevention and gorgeous stretchy soft materials.


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