The Norfolk Nappy Company Guarantee

At The Norfolk Nappy Company we want to ensure buying and using cloth nappies is as easy and stress free as possible.  That's why we guarantee all nappies (excluding preloved) for 6 months from the date of purchase.  Where a manufacturer fault exists we will replace the nappy for you.

Some Nappy brands will also offer you a guarantee for their products and if you want to go directly to the manufacturer this guarantee does not interfere with their guarantee at all.  You cannot claim under both the manufacturer guarantee and ours simultaneously.  All damaged nappies will need to be returned to us.

The guarantee applies only to manufacturing faults and not to;

- wear and tear

- mistreatment (for example soaking, high temperatures etc)

- using any kinds of bleach, harsh chemicals or whitening products on your nappies

- lending or renting your nappies to any other individual

- nappies that have been resold

Where we feel the nappies have not been cared for according to the manufacturer instructions or fall into any of the above categories we will not replace them.  

Where you feel you have a manufacturer fault you can contact us in the first instance via email or phone to discuss the problem as we may be able to assist you before you pay to return them to us.

If we are unable to resolve the issue please post the nappy back to us for testing.  

We reserve the right to decline a replacement if we feel the nappy fits into any of the above categories for exclusion or is performing as expected.  If we refuse the nappy under the guarantee we will return it to you and the postage cost will be charged to you.

Please see our contact details to get in touch.