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    • Platinum - Initial Consultation

      This service is perfect for you if you want to use cloth nappies but do not want to spend hours researching the best ones to use. A completely tailored to you - do it for me service with complete support and advice every step of the way. Whether you are past the newborn stage already or baby isn't here yet this service will ensure you get the advice you need as you need it. The initial consultation is to discuss the service options, what you need and how we can help.

    • Personal Online Consultation

      Want to make sure you are buying the right cloth nappies for you and your family? Not sure how to use them, what all the accessories are or have lots of questions? Save yourself hours of research and confusion with an online consultation to give you all the information you need and answer all your questions. Walk away with a recommendation and a shopping list if you want it to get yourself set up easily.

    • Norwich Nappuccino Hire Meet

      Interested in Hiring a cloth nappy kit to try out different brands? Whether you are pregnant or have a baby hiring a nappy kit can be a great way to find out which nappies work best for you and whether using cloth nappies is something you can do long term. At these meetings I explain everything you need to know about cloth nappies, what's included in the kits and how to use them. I can answer all your questions and you can book your kit if you are ready to.

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    • Why Should You Use Cloth Nappies?

      It seems we are all a bit more environmentally conscious these days and recycling has become second nature but reducing our use of goods and becoming much less of a throw away society is the next step. When I first started with cloth nappies it was to reduce my use of plastic but there are so many more reasons to use cloth nappies and the one that does it for you might be something completely different. These are some of the main benefits; Going Green On average babies will use 5000 nappies by the time they are potty trained (that’s enough to fill 78 bin bags) a massive amount to send to landfill compared to the 25-30 cloth nappies you would need. Switching to cloth nappies is a really effective way to reduce your use of plastic and the rubbish you produce. The energy and water used to produce and transport disposable nappies to you far outweighs any amount of washing you could ever do. Being able to reuse cloth nappies on future children or sell them on when you are finished with them only adds to the environmental benefits. Gentle on tiny bottoms The natural fibers of cloth nappies and ultra soft materials make them much more gentle than the paper, plastic and chemicals of disposable nappies – I know I would prefer to wear material than paper or plastic. Cost There are so many factors to consider with this one however if you start from birth and compare like for like on the low cost or premium brands of each then cloth nappies are usually significantly lower in cost (saving over £1000 on the premium brands). Add in the ability to recap some of that cost on the second hand market assuming you have looked after your nappies or reuse them on future children and it is really attractive. Choices Cloth nappies are beautiful and come in so many prints! They can be a bit addictive (don’t tell my husband you only need 25). But they also come in lots of different types. Gone are the days of terry folding and pins – unless you prefer that – and now you have a whole world of choices and different designs to choose from. Help available If you aren't sure where to turn next or how to get started there is a whole world of help available to get you set up. At The Norfolk Nappy Company I have available; - Videos to help you understand cloth nappies and the different brands - A questionnaire for a personalised recommendation - Consultations either in a group or individual - Hire Kits so you can try before you buy There are lots of cloth nappy libraries around the country too offering support and hire kits across a wide range of brands.

    • Bamboo or Hemp?

      Aside from the waterproof layer the inside of cloth nappies can be made from quite a few different materials. Ranging from man-made materials like Microfibre to natural materials such as Hemp and Bamboo. You also find some nappies and inserts have a combination of materials like Bamboo Charcoal. It can be difficult to know which are best and therefore what to add to your nappy or which nappies are best for you. If you are adding an insert to boost your nappy how do you know which to go for? This is a basic guide to the materials nappies are made from to help you understand what they all do and how they are used. Pairing a Fast Absorber with a highly absorbent insert can be a great way to boost a nappy. For example if your nappy comes with a Microfibre insert adding a bamboo one can increase the absorbency. If your nappy is all bamboo but you are getting leaks due to the volume of urine your baby is producing in one go or your baby is upset by feeling wet adding a microfibre will help get the moisture away quicker so the bamboo has time to do it’s job. Why not just add lots of Cotton to get a middle ground – you can and ‘prefolds’ or ‘Terry squares’ are exactly this and while efficient it can be quite bulky. If you are opting for the others typically you want one from the top of the list with one from the bottom.

    • The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Hospital Bag

      Want to make things easy in the hospital and make sure you have everything but would like to reduce some of the single use plastic if you can? Here is our ultimate check list for packing in an eco-friendly way. We aren't saying that everything on this list will be for everybody but have a look to see what swaps you could make.

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    • Pockets | The Norfolk Nappy Co

      Pockets The absorbent layer and waterproof layer are separate. You place the absorbent part in a pocket inside the waterproof wrap. You change the whole nappy each time. Alvababy Made by a Chinese company these are a well known budget friendly brand that sell worldwide. Their aim is to make cloth nappies affordable for everyone. A large range of prints and colours are available for this type of nappy. Shop Now Fluffy Ducks This nappy can be used as an All in two where the inserts popper onto the inside of the nappy or as a pocket nappy as there is space to put the inserts inside instead. Beautiful prints and really high quality materials and poppers used. The soakers are bamboo and really thirsty. ​ One of the most slim fitting nappies on the market and it will happily fit a tiny baby too. ​ With two soakers a large and small included you can choose the level of absorption and slimness. Shop Now Little Lovebum Popper and Pocket This option is great if you are torn between a pocket or an all in two. You can either place the insert in the pocket or snap it in place like an all in two. You change the whole nappy each time and the wrap (outside layer) and soaker (absorbent part) are sold seperately. ​ Choose from either a hemp trifold or a hemp soaker for amazing absorption and slim fit. ​ Simple to use, beautiful designs and fits 10-35lb. Shop Now Pepi Collection These are pocket nappies that come with two bamboo and cotton inserts. ​ Fantastic for tall and chunky babies as well as fitting those smaller babies. They are likely to last the taller baby to potty training if you need a bit extra space. ​ Beautiful prints and colours available. Poppers to fasten and to adjust the rise for size. These are birth to potty nappies and you change the whole nappy each time. Shop Now La Petite Ourse These are pocket nappies that come with two bamboo inserts, have a double leg gusset for leak prevention and a stay dry layer to keep skin dry. ​ Great absorption, gorgeous designs and poppers to fasten. ​ This is a one size nappy so it also has poppers to adjust the size fitting from 10-35lb. ​ ​ Shop Now Little Lamb Fitted Pocket A pocket nappy that doesn't have the rise snaps. This nappy is sized so most babies will use two sizes from birth to potty training. Simple to put on, double leg gusset for leak prevention and gorgeous stretchy soft materials. Shop Now

    • Baby | The Norfolk Nappy Company | England

      Cloth Nappies Made Easy Shop Now We sell cloth nappies and give advice so you can get the right ones for you and be confident using them. Shop Now Free Shipping on all orders over £40 Now in store - preloved nappies Shop We stock a beautiful range of cloth nappies that we know and trust. Advice Simple and Easy. Either follow the information below, complete a questionnaire or book a consultation. Hire Head to Norwich Nappuccino here to hire a kit so you can try a range first. Shop Now Featured Products New Arrival Quick View La Petite Ourse All in One Nappy Price £14.99 Add to Cart New collection! Quick View Close Pop In Single Bamboo Nappy Price £19.49 Add to Cart Quick View Petit Lulu PUL Pull up wrap Price £12.80 Add to Cart New Arrival Quick View Fluffy Ducks Price £19.99 Add to Cart New In Quick View Doll Nappy Price £5.00 Add to Cart Best Value Quick View Treat box Price £35.00 Add to Cart Quick View Pepi Collection Pocket Nappies Price £14.95 Add to Cart New Arrival Quick View La Petite Ourse Pocket Nappy Price £14.95 Add to Cart Cloth Nappy Shopping Made Easy Save Time Feel Confident Save Money Help the Environment Shop Now Cloth Nappies Shouldn't be Confusing We know you want to help the planet (and maybe save some pennies too) by using cloth nappies and cutting down your single use plastic. It's an amazing thing to do. But the more you look into cloth nappies the more confusing it gets. All the terminology; boosters, inserts, soakers, liners..... AAAHHHH! ​ As a mum of two I've been there. Hours of research, worrying I might be buying nappies that don't work or that the washing was going to drive me insane. ​ It doesn't have to be that way. I set up the Norfolk Nappy Company so you could get the guidance you need to make a great choice for your family and feel confident in using cloth nappies. ​ You will only find nappies that are trusted and tested here and a whole range of different ways you can get advice from face to face (or online) to full support packages to a simple questionnaire. Read More What steps do I need to take? 1. Choose a Type of Nappy Choosing a type of nappy first ensures you get the right style of nappy to suit your lifestyle and your baby. Nappy Types 2. Choose a Brand This is where you choose the nappies you like best - from extra features to patterns and fit The brands 3. Choose your Accessories Ensure you have everything you need to get started with all the extras from wipes to wetbags and bits for mum too. Essentials Everything explained by Video Norfolk Nappy Company Play Video Play Video 24:50 Getting started with cloth nappies everything you need to get started with cloth nappies Play Video Play Video 03:12 How to get a good fit with cloth nappies how to put on a cloth nappy effectively and avoid leaks. Play Video Play Video 01:41 Kijani Baby Cloth Nappy New Features A quick overview of the new features of the Kijani baby all in two nappies Play Video Play Video 08:35 Kijani Baby AI2 Fit Guide with NNC Guide to fitting a Kijani Baby cloth nappy and features.

    • Norwich Nappuccino Library | The Norfolk Nappy Co

      Cloth Nappy Hire Buying a set of nappies is expensive. If you would rather try out a range of cloth nappies first why not hire through our library. ​ - Find a brand you love ​ - Find out how much work is involved with cloth nappies ​ - Get through the newborn phase before buying a birth to potty set. ​ With our kits you have full support throughout your hire on fit, washing and any other questions you might have. ​ As an added bonus if you buy a full set of nappies from us you will get half your rental fees off the price. Book Now> Whats included: 20-25 nappy changes Range of brands and types Choose between newborn or birth to potty Toddler sets available (XL) Kit can be adjusted to your needs 4 week hire (6 weeks newborn) Free disposable liners Optional extras of wipes, wetbags, nappy bucket Full support and zoom calls anything we haven't said just ask! How to Book Just fill in our booking form and we will confirm your booking via email. ​ All bookings are subject to availability. The cost is £45 for 4 weeks Security deposit of £50 is required Optional Extras for small additional charge Courier fee or local collection. Booking Form We recommend booking a hire kit in advance to avoid disappointment. ​ After completing a form we will be in contact to confirm your booking and payment to secure your kit. First Name Email Last Name Phone Address Second contact (name, address, telephone) Continue

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