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    • Platinum - Initial Consultation

      This service is perfect for you if you want to use cloth nappies but do not want to spend hours researching the best ones to use. A completely tailored to you - do it for me service with complete support and advice every step of the way. Whether you are past the newborn stage already or baby isn't here yet this service will ensure you get the advice you need as you need it. The initial consultation is to discuss the service options, what you need and how we can help.

    • Personal Online Consultation

      Want to make sure you are buying the right cloth nappies for you and your family? Not sure how to use them, what all the accessories are or have lots of questions? Save yourself hours of research and confusion with an online consultation to give you all the information you need and answer all your questions. Walk away with a recommendation and a shopping list if you want it to get yourself set up easily.

    • Norwich Nappuccino Hire Meet

      Interested in Hiring a cloth nappy kit to try out different brands? Whether you are pregnant or have a baby hiring a nappy kit can be a great way to find out which nappies work best for you and whether using cloth nappies is something you can do long term. At these meetings I explain everything you need to know about cloth nappies, what's included in the kits and how to use them. I can answer all your questions and you can book your kit if you are ready to.

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    • The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Hospital Bag

      Want to make things easy in the hospital and make sure you have everything but would like to reduce some of the single use plastic if you can? Here is our ultimate check list for packing in an eco-friendly way. We aren't saying that everything on this list will be for everybody but have a look to see what swaps you could make.

    • Bamboo or Hemp?

      Aside from the waterproof layer the inside of cloth nappies can be made from quite a few different materials. Ranging from man-made materials like Microfibre to natural materials such as Hemp and Bamboo. You also find some nappies and inserts have a combination of materials like Bamboo Charcoal. It can be difficult to know which are best and therefore what to add to your nappy or which nappies are best for you. If you are adding an insert to boost your nappy how do you know which to go for? This is a basic guide to the materials nappies are made from to help you understand what they all do and how they are used. Pairing a Fast Absorber with a highly absorbent insert can be a great way to boost a nappy. For example if your nappy comes with a Microfibre insert adding a bamboo one can increase the absorbency. If your nappy is all bamboo but you are getting leaks due to the volume of urine your baby is producing in one go or your baby is upset by feeling wet adding a microfibre will help get the moisture away quicker so the bamboo has time to do it’s job. Why not just add lots of Cotton to get a middle ground – you can and ‘prefolds’ or ‘Terry squares’ are exactly this and while efficient it can be quite bulky. If you are opting for the others typically you want one from the top of the list with one from the bottom.

    • All About Leaks

      No one wants all the extra washing that comes from leaky nappies and constant outfit changes. One of the biggest areas parents and carers contact me about is leaks and whether they need to get some boosters. Sometimes this is the solution however before spending out too much on lots of additional inserts there are a few other things to check. If these aren’t resolved adding extra inserts wont fix your problem or not for very long and could actually make matters worse. Often I see pictures of overstuffed nappies which is making the fit really bad. So before you stuff your nappy full of inserts check this list. 1) Detergent and Washing Do the nappies smell strongly of washing powder? If so you need to put all your clean nappies back in for a nice long detergent free wash or if it’s about to rain hang them out on the line and let nature rinse them out for you. Try adding a little less detergent in future and add a rinse on the end of your wash cycle. Some nappies just seem to retain washing powder so occasionally you might have to just run a plain cycle to help them out. Also make sure you aren’t adding any fabric softeners to your wash. 2) The Fit Have you got the fit correct? Check out my guides to getting the right fit as this is so often the cause of leaks. A nappy that is too tight will cause leaks just as much as one that is too loose however you need the rise (front snaps) on a smaller setting than you might think. Cloth nappies only just cover the bottom at the back so are naturally smaller than disposables – this can take a bit of getting used to if you are used to disposable nappies. As you nappies are likely to be used to potty training just think – does it seem right that I am on the biggest setting? If you baby is only a few months old the chances of needing the bigger setting is really unlikely. 3) The Inserts Are the inserts completely saturated? If so you probably need to boost the nappy with either hemp or bamboo. If not you could have either a different problem (see the rest of this list) or your nappies might not be absorbing the liquid fast enough. Have you got anything in there that’s fast absorbing? If your baby is holding their wee and then doing it all in one go sometime this can be too much liquid too quickly for you nappy if you have filled it completely with bamboo and/or hemp. While Microfiber often gets talked about negatively it is amazing at absorbing quickly. This gives the bamboo or hemp time to absorb the excess more slowly and hold it. Reducing your inserts down to one microfiber and one or two bamboo or hemp could be the answer rather than adding more and more and creating fit issues. 4) Compression From a nappy that is too tight to a vest that is squishing the nappy or a long car ride where car seat straps are compressing the nappy - these can all cause leaks. To work out if vests are the culprit try using the nappy without a vest on and use some other loose fitting clothing instead (or some baby leg warmers and a t-shirt). The cure here is either to go up a size in vests or purchase vest extenders so you can continue to use them for longer. For longer car journeys a bamboo or hemp insert can help the nappy last that bit longer. 5) Expectations Are you changing the nappy often enough? While cloth nappies are amazing and used right you are likely to have less leaks and poo escaping than in a disposable they are not as absorbent. They are not filled with all the gels and chemicals that disposables are so they need changing more often. You should look to change cloth nappies every 2-3 hours. If you are leaving them for longer than this (with the exception of night nappies and boosters) reducing the time between changes could be the answer. 6) Damage If the waterproof layer (PUL) is damaged the nappy will leak. This can be due to age of the nappy, Velcro regularly catching it in the wash, chemicals (such as bleach) or heat (radiators, tumble dryers, washing too hot). There are a few tests you can do to see if the PUL is damaged. If you have looked after your nappies well and bought them brand new however this is less likely to be the case. If you are struggling with leaks after going through this list or just aren’t sure you are getting the fit right please get in contact. If you bought the nappies from The Norfolk Nappy Company we want to try to help you get it right. If you didn’t we hate to hear of anyone struggling and we have a trouble shooting service you can sign up for.

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    • All In Twos | The Norfolk Nappy Co

      All In Twos These Nappies are in two parts. The waterproof layer and the absorbent layer come apart. On some you can use the outer wrap for a few changes and just change the absorbent layer (soaker). Close Pop In Slightly different to your normal all in two. You change the whole nappy each time like an All in One but it unsnaps to come completely apart for quick drying and you can customise how absorbent or bulky they are with a choice of how many inserts. These are made from recycled plastic bottles. They come either individually and patterned or in boxes of 10 with night boosters and a few added extras. These can be used overnight with the addition of a night booster. Shop Now Kijani Baby A Ugandan brand by a social enterprise company supporting the local community and women that work for them. They are a high quality nappy with gorgeous local Kiteage and each one is slightly different. All prints are limited editions. With this nappy you can wipe down the wrap so you can use it for more than one nappy change. It also has a PUL backing on the soaker to prevent leaking and a built in double leg gusset. Shop Now Tickle Tots AI2 Beautiful countryside inspired prints and gorgeously soft high quality nappies. You can wipe down the wrap between changes. The absorbency is adjustable with extra soaker if needed. Double leg gusset and PUL backing on the soaker all designed to prevent leaks. Soakers are bamboo. You get two size soakers per nappy and additional soaker set so you can adjust the absorbency and how bulky they fit. Shop Now Buttons Diapers High quality nappy covers with different size boosters so you can use them from birth. These nappies can be used as a wrap for a fitted nappy/terry or pre-fold or with boosters of either bamboo or hemp. A popular nappy that will last for hours with the iconic button stitched on the back. ​ Double leg gusset to prevent leaking and a wipeable inside so you can use 2-3 inserts per wrap. ​ With this nappy you choose the wraps and inserts (in packs of three) seperately. Shop Now Fluffy Ducks This nappy can be used as an All in two where the inserts popper onto the inside of the nappy or as a pocket nappy as there is space to put the inserts inside instead. Beautiful prints and really high quality materials and poppers used. The soakers are bamboo and really thirsty. ​ One of the most slim fitting nappies on the market and it will happily fit a tiny baby too. ​ With two soakers a large and small included you can choose the level of absorption and slimness. Shop Now Petit Lulu SIO Complete An All In Two where the Inserts popper in and out. You can Customise the level of absorption by increasing and decreasing the layers of the insert. Fleecy cuffs prevent leg and tummy marks and are soft on skin. Easy to put on and available as either velcro or snaps. Comes with one soaker and additional soakers are available to buy in multipacks. These have less work with tucking into knicker lines etc when putting on so are super easy for childcare and grandparents. Shop Now Little Lovebum Popper and Pocket This option is great if you are torn between a pocket or an all in two. You can either place the insert in the pocket or snap it in place like an all in two. You change the whole nappy each time and the wrap (outside layer) and soaker (absorbent part) are sold seperately. ​ Choose from either a hemp trifold or a hemp soaker for amazing absorption and slim fit. ​ Simple to use, beautiful designs and fits 10-35lb. Shop Now

    • La Petite Ourse | The Norfolk Nappy Co

      Created in 2013 in Canada by a husband and wife team who set out to make cloth diapering accessible to all. They have fully tested their cloth nappies on their two boys and are passionate about customer service. They provide a 2 year guarantee on their nappies and strive to keep their prices affordable by using trusted suppliers in China (who they visit in person). ​ LPO are also passionate about community and have set up numerous projects across their communities in Canada. They hope to continue their charitable work across Europe. New Arrival Quick View La Petite Ourse Pocket Nappy Price £14.95 New Arrival Quick View La Petite Ourse All in One Nappy Price £14.99 Quick View La Petite Ourse Nappy Cover Price £10.99 New Arrival Quick View La Petite Ourse Pocket Set Price £140.00 New Arrival Quick View La Petite Ourse All in One Set Price £140.00 New Arrival Quick View La Petite Ourse Large Deluxe Wetbag Price £13.99 Quick View La Petite Ourse Wetbag Price £7.99 Quick View La Petite Ourse Bamboo Trifold Price £7.99 Quick View La petite ourse hemp inserts Price £8.99

    • Buy Baby Reuseable Cloth Nappies UK | Norfolk Nappy Company

      Shop Now Minimum 6 month guarantee on all products Free postage over £45.00 Shop We stock a beautiful range of cloth nappies that we know and trust. Advice Simple and Easy. Either follow the information below, complete a questionnaire or book a consultation. Hire Head to Norwich Nappuccino here to hire a kit so you can try a range first. Shop Now Featured Products Quick View Christmas Cloth Starter Set Price £40.00 Add to Cart Quick View Petit Lulu Maxi Night Nappy Price £18.99 Add to Cart Winter Collection Quick View Kijani baby one size Price £11.45 Add to Cart Quick View Easy Start Accessories Set Regular Price £55.23 Sale Price £47.50 Add to Cart New In New Arrival Quick View Frog and Bear Pocket Nappy Price £16.00 Add to Cart Quick View Frog and Bear All In Two Cloth Nappy Wrap Price £12.50 Add to Cart Pre-Order Quick View Bells Bumz Pocket Nappy (January Pre-Order) Price £12.99 Add to Cart Side Fasten - Easy pull up Quick View GroVia Organic All in One Price £19.95 Add to Cart Cloth Nappy Shopping Made Easy Save Time Feel Confident Save Money Help the Environment Shop Now Cloth Nappies Shouldn't be Confusing We know you want to help the planet (and maybe save some pennies too) by using cloth nappies and cutting down your single use plastic. It's an amazing thing to do. But the more you look into cloth nappies the more confusing it gets. All the terminology; boosters, inserts, soakers, liners..... AAAHHHH! ​ As a mum of two I've been there. Hours of research, worrying I might be buying nappies that don't work or that the washing was going to drive me insane. ​ It doesn't have to be that way. I set up the Norfolk Nappy Company so you could get the guidance you need to make a great choice for your family and feel confident in using cloth nappies. ​ You will only find nappies that are trusted and tested here and a whole range of different ways you can get advice from face to face (or online) to full support packages to a simple questionnaire. Read More What steps do I need to take? 1. Choose a Type of Nappy Choosing a type of nappy first ensures you get the right style of nappy to suit your lifestyle and your baby. Nappy Types 2. Choose a Brand This is where you choose the nappies you like best - from extra features to patterns and fit The brands 3. Choose your Accessories Ensure you have everything you need to get started with all the extras from wipes to wetbags and bits for mum too. Essentials Video Guides Norfolk Nappy Company Play Video Play Video 25:26 Norwich Nappuccino hiring nappies and getting started all about cloth nappies and hiring a cloth nappy kit. Hiring a kit allows you to try out lots of different types before you buy. Norwich Nappuccino is Norfolk's nappy library. Play Video Play Video 24:50 Getting started with cloth nappies everything you need to get started with cloth nappies Play Video Play Video 03:12 How to get a good fit with cloth nappies how to put on a cloth nappy effectively and avoid leaks. Play Video Play Video 01:41 Kijani Baby Cloth Nappy New Features A quick overview of the new features of the Kijani baby all in two nappies Play Video Play Video 08:35 Kijani Baby AI2 Fit Guide with NNC Guide to fitting a Kijani Baby cloth nappy and features.

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