Newborn gift boxes are the perfect gift to help friends and loved ones get started with cloth nappies.  Beautifully packaged and delivered either to you or directly as a gift.  

If delivered directly a gift card and personalised note can be included please specify message at checkout.  
Different levels of gift boxes available to suit different budgets;
Basic newborn box includes 5 alvababy newborn nappies and a wetbag.
All about the Flats Newborn Box includes 2 wraps, one pack of cotton buttons flats and wetbag.
Basic Plus Newborn Box includes Close Pop in Newborn Box (10 nappy changes) plus wetbag and 10 wipes.
Kijani Baby Newborn Box includes 5 Kijani Baby Newborn Wraps, 10 soakers, wetbag and changing mat.
Premium Newborn Box includes Close Pop In Newborn Nappy set, Little Lamb Night time nappy set size 1, Cloth Wipes, Wetbag and liners.

Pre-made Newborn Gift Box


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