All In Twos

These Nappies are in two parts.  The waterproof layer and the absorbent layer come apart.  On some you can use the outer wrap for a few changes and just change the absorbent layer (soaker).  

Close Pop In

Slightly different to your normal all in two.  You change the whole nappy each time like an All in One but it unsnaps to come completely apart for quick drying and you can customise how absorbent or bulky they are with a choice of how many inserts.  These are made from recycled plastic bottles.

They come either individually and patterned or in boxes of 10 with night boosters and a few added extras.  These can be used overnight with the addition of a night booster.

Kijani Baby

A Ugandan brand by a social enterprise company supporting the local community and women that work for them.  They are a high quality nappy with gorgeous local Kiteage and each one is slightly different.  All prints are limited editions.


With this nappy you can wipe down the wrap so you can use it for more than one nappy change.  It also has a PUL backing on the soaker to prevent leaking and a built in double leg gusset. 

Tickle Tots AI2

Beautiful countryside inspired prints and gorgeously soft high quality nappies.  You can wipe down the wrap between changes.  The absorbency is adjustable with extra soaker if needed. Double leg gusset and PUL backing on the soaker all designed to prevent leaks.

Soakers are bamboo.  You get two size soakers per nappy and additional soaker set so you can adjust the absorbency and how bulky they fit.

Buttons Diapers

High quality nappy covers with different size boosters so you can use them from birth.  These nappies can be used as a wrap for a fitted nappy/terry or pre-fold or with boosters of either bamboo or hemp.  A popular nappy that will last for hours with the iconic button stitched on the back.

Double leg gusset to prevent leaking and a wipeable inside so you can use 2-3 inserts per wrap.

With this nappy you choose the wraps and inserts (in packs of three) seperately.

Fluffy Ducks

This nappy can be used as an All in two where the inserts popper onto the inside of the nappy or as a pocket nappy as there is space to put the inserts inside instead.  

Beautiful prints and really high quality materials and poppers used.  The soakers are bamboo and really thirsty.

One of the most slim fitting nappies on the market and it will happily fit a tiny baby too.

With two soakers a large and small included you can choose the level of absorption and slimness.

Petit Lulu SIO Complete

An All In Two where the Inserts popper in and out.  You can Customise the level of absorption by increasing and decreasing the layers of the insert.  Fleecy cuffs prevent leg and tummy marks and are soft on skin.  Easy to put on and available as either velcro or snaps.

Comes with one soaker and additional soakers are available to buy in multipacks.

These have less work with tucking into knicker lines etc when putting on so are super easy for childcare and grandparents.

Little Lovebum Popper and Pocket

This option is great if you are torn between a pocket or an all in two.  You can either place the insert in the pocket or snap it in place like an all in two.  You change the whole nappy each time and the wrap (outside layer) and soaker (absorbent part) are sold seperately.

Choose from either a hemp trifold or a hemp soaker for amazing absorption and slim fit.

Simple to use, beautiful designs and fits 10-35lb.


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